Sharing the heart of God from the heart of downtown Macon.

We are a historic congregation in downtown Macon, Georgia, having worshiped God on the corner of Mulberry and First Street for 197 years.


United Methodists comprise a world-wide church whose faith and doctrine combine personal faith with outreach to the world.  We are committed to the teachings of Jesus, saved by his death on the cross and propelled into the world by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Methodism began in 18th century England with our founder John Wesley and since has spread to every corner of the globe.  

At Mulberry, we strive.... be christ-centered, lifelong learners

Jesus Christ is all in all. In our worship, study, communal meals, and our children, youth and adult ministries we strive to keep Christ at our center so we may continue to be lifelong learners. be a community of engaged leaders

We seek to strengthen each other to be salt and light to our families, our schools, our community and our world.  Jesus sent the disciples into the world. Methodism has always served on the new frontier. practice radical hospitality and generosity

All are welcome here. Hospitality begins at the front door of our church and extends to the world. We feed Macon’s hungry and homeless in one wing of our building, care for Macon’s children on another wing and tend a lush community garden on our property. We fully lean into serving our community. live in service with the community

No single congregation can address the issues facing our community. We are in ministry with other religious and non-profit organization to address the challenges facing Middle Georgia. Methodists are eager to join hands with others to create a just community.

Our Discipleship Pathway


To weekly offer praise, confess sin, seek forgiveness, strengthen faith and be sent out into the world renewed and committed.


To discover and develop our God-given gifts so we can more effectively love and serve God and others.


To give of time, finances, and ability. To serve through prayer by praying for one's church and community.


To proclaim the Gospel locally and abroad. To be active and committed to missions and ministry in different capacities.

"²¹So Jesus said to them again, 'Peace be with you; as the Father has sent Me, I also send you.' "

- John 20:21